Travellers with reduced mobility

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When a disabled person makes a flight reservation, an airline cannot refuse it.

Air passengers who have a disability or reduced mobility have certain rights when travelling by air. These start to apply from the moment such passengers book a flight with an airline.

When a disabled person tries to make a flight reservation, an airline cannot refuse it because of the disability or reduced mobility. Furthermore, the airline is obliged to try and help disabled passengers when they arrive at the airport and to get on and off the plane.

Travellers with reduced mobility should be allowed to book seats that meet their particular needs. If the airline does not pre-book seats, they should be allowed to board the aircraft before other passengers.

Disabled travellers should check with the airline what kind of help it can offer before making a reservation. The traveller should also give the airline enough notice so it can organise itself with ways to help.

Disabled air travellers should always let their airline know of any special needs at least 48 hours before flying. However, even if travellers do not meet this 48-hour deadline, the airline should still make reasonable efforts to help them.

An airline can refuse boarding to a disabled passenger if: the disabled passenger did not inform the airline, booking agent or tour operator about the disability at least 48 hours before the date of departure; there are safety reasons that prevent the passenger from flying; or the aircraft doors are too small.

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