The Dodge Shakedown Challenger looks brilliant

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Source:  Top Gear / Rowan Horncastle

Classic cars with modern mechanicals are ten-a-penny nowadays. But that hasn’t stopped Dodge um, muscling in on the act for this year’s SEMA show.

Meet the rather excellent Dodge Shakedown Challenger concept. It’s a 1971 Dodge Challenger tarted up with mod cons and new-age niceties, plus a pleasingly overpowered and reliable powertrain.

Now, we all know car companies don’t make cars like they used to. Because they used to be rubbish. That’s why the folks at Dodge sourced a 1971 chassis and then went to town on it, in order to retain the charm and undiluted badass-ness of one of the most iconic American muscle cars of all time, while making sure it doesn’t blow a head gasket in traffic.

Instead of being the classic unibody construction, the Shakedown is a body-on-frame job with a new, completely bespoke fabricated chassis. It comes complete with custom front and rear independent suspension that’s also been lowered to make it suitable for track use. Or drifting, we’re told.

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