Shelby is building ten glorious Mustang continuations…

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Source:  Top Gear / Ollie Kew / 18 May 2018

It’s Shelby’s turn to get in on the continuation car game. And with not one, but two reborn classics. We’re talking about ten more 1960s-spec Mustangs, and four more Series 1 sports cars from the 1990s – to be titled Series 2. Obviously.

Let’s uncover the Mustang first. The ten continuations are faithful recreations of one of the best-looking Mustangs ever: the one-off 1967 GT500 Super Snake. Its descendants aren’t all-new cars, but rather original 1967 Mustang bodyshells that’ll be built with an official Shelby VIN.

The Super Snake was a mad creation: developed as a tyre-test bed for Goodyear, Shelby then toyed with the idea of turning its one-off into a limited production run. Because the 520bhp race-spec V8, front disc brakes, limited-slip differential and stiffer suspension was so expensive at the time, the idea was canned for being unprofitable. Despite Caroll Shelby himself taking the wheel of the prototype and posting a 170mph top speed, proving the Super snake’s pedigree, the Mustang remained a one-off, which fetched $1.3m at auction last time it changed hands.

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