How to eat less this Thanksgiving

Posted by on Nov 22, 2018 in Blog | Comments Off on How to eat less this Thanksgiving

Source:  Pop Sci / By Sara Chodosh Yesterday at 2:31pm

Eating less is not generally a goal on Thanksgiving. It’s a day of stuffing both turkey butts and our own stomachs. If you want to test the limits of your digestive system, go for it. We at Popular Science will never judge you for wanting a second helping of mashed potatoes. Heck, we even wrote a guide to eating as much as humanly possible.

But eating less at Thanksgiving is a noble endeavor. Perhaps you’re trying to cut down on food waste and want to keep your caloric consumption down to what you’re actually capable of enjoying. Maybe you just don’t want to be painfully full. Or maybe you’re trying to lose weight, or just maintain the status quo rather than entering the usual holiday cycle of binging and dieting. Whatever the reason, sometimes we want to avoid our basest urges—that is, to eat and eat and eat until no more pie can possibly fit inside our bellies.

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