Amazon Invests In Electric Pickup Truck Startup Rivian

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Source: Popular Mechanics

By Andrew Moseman Feb 15, 2019

There’s just something Bezos likes about a pickup plan.

At the same time Amazon is leaving New York City, it’s driving full force into the pickup-truck space. The colossal company is the main player in a new $700 million round of investments in Rivian, the startup pledging to put a fully electric, futuristic-looking pickup truck on the road by 2020. Rivian says it will remain an independent company and didn’t disclose how much of the $700 million Amazon committed.

Just a few days ago it sounded like General Motors might join Amazon in this venture. On Tuesday, Reuters reported that both giants were in negotiations to invest in Rivian, but GM was not named in the Friday press release and its statement to The Verge certainly made it sound like the company had not acted on its interest.

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